Top 4 Enduro Riding Tips: The Beginner’s Guide

Enduro is a type of mountain bike racing that involves going downhill and uphill. Many people also refer to it as off-road racing and dirk biking. Of course, there are some key differences between the methods.

You must keep some Enduro riding tips in mind if you’re a beginner. Otherwise, you may hurt yourself or damage your vehicle. So here are the top four Enduro riding tips for a beginner.

  1. Join A Club

Before getting your gear and starting Enduro riding, you must join a club. You will encounter many local trail riding clubs for this type of racing. So be sure to display confidence and befriend multiple members. The best benefit of this is that you will learn which gear to buy.

Besides that, you will also learn where Enduro riding is legal and where it is not. This will help you save yourself from getting into trouble with the authorities. Joining a club is also the top way to receive reliable advice and have fun while Enduro riding.

  1. Keep Your Elbows Up

Many people decide to start bike riding but fail to follow the proper driving instructions. For instance, you may be keeping your arms too close to your body. This is the worst thing you can do for yourself on an Enduro ride. Keeping elbows near your body will make it difficult to navigate the handlebars.

The best position is to keep your elbows raised out to the sides. This will allow you to steer the bike in a better way. You will also have more control over your ride’s suspension. All these things reduce the risk of accidents during Enduro riding.

  1. Manage Your Speed Better

Most Enduro riders feel a rush when they drive at high speed and refuse to slow down. This is the most dangerous thing you can do because it increases the risk of accidents. The same people believe that brakes will help them avoid trouble while having fun.

However, you should not rely much on an Enduro bike’s brakes at high speed. They may not be highly responsive during turns, and aggressive braking is harmful to the vehicle. This is why the top option is to manage your speed better to avoid accidents and improve the lifespan of your bike.

  1. Understand The Gears

Keeping your Enduro bike in the right gear is essential for a safe riding experience. Typically, you should keep the vehicle in second or third gears. These levels ensure that your bike does not experience aggressive power delivery during turns.

Besides that, gears also offer a smooth riding experience instead of a bumpy ride. Your bike will accelerate at a greater speed at a low level, but it will become challenging to hit the brakes during corners. You will have to push the brakes harder to slow down the bike. This is why try to maintain the Enduro ride in second or third gear.

Final Words

These are the best Enduro biking tips for beginners. It is advisable to talk to other riders before getting your vehicle. This will help you get the best bike for beginners and enjoy Enduro riding.